Fred Cain Equipment

The Fred Cain Farm Equipment Company manufacturers rotary cutters, landscape rakes, row crop cultivators, field cultivators, transplanter cultivator, subsoilers, tillers, diggers, scraper blades, middle busters, and bale movers, all of which are made in Danville, KY.

Fred Cain Farm Equipment was started by WWI veteran Fred Cain shortly after the end of the war for making small parts for farmers. Over the next 65 years, Fred Cain's products lines have expanded to include many kinds of farm equipment. The company produces good, sound, well-thought through, equipment. They stand behind their quality products by offering warranties on their equipment.

Rotary Cutter Models

The Agri-Cutter line rotary cutters are three point hitch style that feature either a medium duty 42 HP, 75 HP, or 100 HP gear boxes, depending on the model.The gear boxes are made in Italy, not China, as are many of the cheaper models available at other retail outlets.

These cutters feature better bracing, heavier gauge steel construction, heavier duty gearboxes, and dual wheels on cutters 7' and larger. There is readily available supply of parts for the cutters and they offer a lifetime warranty on their gearboxes.

The cutters come in a variety of sizes and PTO type, including shear bolt, splined shear bolt, splined with clutch, or with bearing and clutch. Below is a summary of the available cutters, for further information or for pricing, please call the Farm Store.

Rotary Cutter Models

Model No PTO Type Width Weight Gearbox
AC-203SB Splined Shear Bolt 3' 400 lb 42 HP
AC-203SSC Splined with Clutch 3' 400 lb 42 HP
AC-204 Shear Bolt 4' 500 lb 42 HP
AC-204S Splined 4' 500 lb 42 HP
AC-204SSC Splined with Clutch 4' 500 lb 42 HP
AC-105 Shear Bolt 5' 700 lb 42 HP
AC-105S Splined 5' 700 lb 42 HP
AC-205 Shear Bolt 5' 700 lb 42 HP
AC-205S Splined 5' 700 lb 42 HP
AC-205SSC Splined with Clutch 5' 700 lb 42 HP
AC-206 Shear Bolt 6' 800 lb 42 HP
AC-206S Splined 6' 800 lb 42 HP
AC-206SSC Splined with Clutch 6' 800 lb 42 HP
AC-205SSC75 Splined with Clutch 5' 750 lb 75 HP
AC206SSC75 Splined with Clutch 6' 850 lb 75 HP
AC-207L Splined with Clutch (Lift) 7' 1200 lb 75 HP
AC207P 2 pc with Bearing and Clutch (Pull) 7' 1400 lb 75 HP
AC208L Splined with Clutch (Lift) 8' 1500 lb Center 100 HP, OutBoards 75 HP
AC208P 2 pc with Bearing and Clutch (Pull) 8' 1650 lb Center 100 HP, OutBoards 75 HP
AC-110LSplined with Clutch (Lift)10'2200 lbCenter 100 HP, OutBoards 75 HP
AC-110P2 pc with Bearing and Clutch (Pull)10'2350 lbCenter 100 HP, OutBoards 75 HP

Landscape (Rock) Rakes

The Fred Cain Landscape Rakes are three point hitch style that are built to hold up under heavy use. Tine mounts feature a double attachment system that does not allow the tines to shift under load. Other rakes often only use a single attachment system that allows the rake to 'wallow' the bolt hole, resulting in downtime and costly repairs.

Model No PTO Type
LS-530 Three-Point Hitch 5' Rake with 30 Tines
LS-636 Three-Point Hitch 6' Rake with 36 Tines
LS-742 Three-Point Hitch 7' Rake with 42 Tines
LS-848 Three-Point Hitch 8' Rake with 48 Tines
LS-DW10 Depth Wheel Assemby for Landscape Rake

Elkton Farm Store also carries Darrell Harp rotary cutters. These cutters are made in Alabama and offer our customers a less expensive option for light-duty cutting. These cutters cost less than Tractor Supply's comparable offerings and are a better quality than the CountyLine brand cutters which are made in China.