Monthly Auction Sales

Local farmers and businesses have been coming to Elkton Farm Store for over 45 years to buy and sell used equipment of all types. The Elkton Farm Store's professionals are experts in all types of farming equipment: including hay balers, rakes, mowers, wagons, elevators, trailers, tractors, loaders, dozers, plows, planters, discs, manure spreaders, spray tanks, cultivators, hoes, rotary cutters, harrows, post hole diggers, horse drawn equipment and more.

Elkton Farm Store's auctions and consignment lot provides buyers and sellers with a safe and easy way to buy and sell. Buyers are drawn to the auction lot by the vast array of items gathered all in one location. Sellers are able to quickly sell their used equipment with a minimum of hassle.

The Farm Store's auction sales are a much better way to sell equipment than through Craigslist listings. Even though buying and selling items on Craigslist is free, it's often 'easier said than done.' Too many times, the only responses are from scammers trying to separate good honest folks from their hard-earned money. And reports of people being assaulted by criminals who come to 'buy' listed items grows every day.

Benefits for Sellers:

  • Daily heavy buyer traffic
  • No charge for "no sale" items
  • Free unloading service
  • Quick payment upon sale

Buyer Benefits:
  • Reasonable prices for quality equipment
  • No buyers premium
  • Free loading service
  • Consignment lot open 6 days each week


2017 Auction Schedule

Elkton Farm Store's auctions are held on the first Fridays at 9:30 am. Though consignments are taken up to 9:00 am on auction sale day, the Farm Store advises sellers to have their equipment signed-in by at least the afternoon prior to event in order to have the item published in the auction catalog. The store opens at 7 am on Fridays, so buyers may begin bidder check-in and walk the lot at that time.

  • November 3, 2017
  • December 1, 2017