History of the Elkton Farm Store

Elkton Farm Store Original Building

The Elkton Farm Store, or Elkton Farm & Home Store, as it was known in the early 1900's, has a long and rich history. In the early 1900's, the Elkton Farm & Home Store operated as a general mercantile store selling groceries, dry goods, hardware and textiles. The store was located at the top of the hill on Main Street across from present-day Elkton City Hall.

Over the years, the products offered by the store continued to expand, and by 1957, the store boasted itself as "Giles County's Most Complete Shopping Center: A Modern Food Market - Dry Goods - Hardware - Appliances - Feed & Seed - Fertilizer - New and Used Farm Machinery - New & Used Tires - Hester Batteries - Homelite Chain Saws."

Elkton Farm Store - 1958 Advertisement

By 1961, the Elkton Farm & Home Store had become the local Ford Tractor Dealer, selling every Ford tractor they could get their hands on just as soon as they were delivered. The Store also sold Oliver tractors and International Trucks. Some of the customers who purchased one of those new Ford tractors from the Farm Store are still customers buying parts for those tractors today. It's common to hear today's customers tell stories of coming to the Farm Store with their parents or grandparents.

In 1970, the building was completely destroyed by a fire that resulted from an electrical issue. Due to the lengthy projected cleanup time, partners Casey Jones, Richard Bondurant, and Andy Anderson, decided to rebuild the store down the street on some land they already owned on Highway 31.

Just shy of five months later, the Farm Store was back in business at today's location on Hwy 31. The Elkton Farm Store has been in operation at this location since that time.

Later, Casey bought out partners Richard and Andy and began holding a monthly equipment consignment auction. To this day, the monthly auctions continue to be held on the first Friday of the month, allowing the Farm Store to claim the auction is "the South East's longest running auction."

Elkton Farm Store - 1971 Auction Ad

In comparison, below is the advertisement for the Dec 6, 2015 auction. The advertisement is now printed in full color while design of the graphic was kept the same as it was in the vintage ad.

Elkton Farm Store - 2015 Auction Ad